1 Facial Massager
Matahum Lockstep Daily Defense Skincare Device Modes
1 Facial Massager
1 Facial Massager
1 Facial Massager
1 Facial Massager

Matahum™ Lockstep – Daily Defense Skincare Device

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Your Daily Skincare at Home

Unlock the secret to rejuvenated skin with our multi-function handheld skincare device that seamlessly merges cutting-edge technology with proven skincare techniques to defend your skin from daily dirt, grime, and stress.  Experience a comprehensive solution designed to enhance and defend your skin's radiance and suppleness. With Matahum, it's all about genuine results without any gimmicks, needles, or risks.


Intuitive & Easy to Use

7-in-1 Portable EMS, microcurrent, Vibration stimulation, and 3 LED lights can realize deep cleansing, better toning, and facial lift maintenance. Lightweight and easy to carry for travelling. You get your own professional skincare at home and everywhere.
7 in 1 Face Massager – Pocket Of Time

Daily Skin Toning & Maintenance 

This professional-quality device deep cleanses, firms, lifts, brightens, and repairs damage to the face and neck.  Treats acne, calms skin, and reduces swelling.  Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines, and enhances collagen production.

Matahum Lockstep Daily Defense Skincare Device Modes


CLEAN Mode: Assist in deep cleansing. Experience the gentle warmth, positive and negative ion phase absorption, and high-frequency vibration as it opens your pores, clearing them of residual waste for that deeper clean.

RF LED Mode: Promote anti-aging benefits and reduce wrinkles. Red light therapy is well-studied, stimulating protein and collagen synthesis promoting skin regeneration reducing wrinkles. The added warmth and vibration enhance its effectiveness.

ACNE T Mode: Reduce acne build-ups. Blue light is well-researched to reduce bacteria build-up, effectively curbing skin inflammation, and suppressing oil secretion for visibly reduced pores.

WHITE Mode: Revitalize your skin's glow and reveal a clearer, more radiant complexion that leaves you a refreshed look and feeling more confident.

IMPORT Mode:  Uses micro-electric currents and warmth to accelerate the absorption of facial products. Added vibration massage ensures your muscle base fully embraces the product, promoting skin hydration and fullness.

EMS UP Mode: Tighten your skin with EMS microcurrent massage, quickly enhancing firmness and elasticity. Say goodbye to loose skin and restore your skin's radiance and vitality.

EYE CARE Mode: Relax and relieve eye fatigue with a gentle, warm vibration massage while at the same time promoting the absorption of your eye cream or serum deeply.


  • Power: 4W
  • Working volt: 3.7V
  • Material: Plastic
  • Battery: 750mAh
  • Charging time: approx. 3 hours
  • Size: 16.5*5*5.4cm

Package Included:

  • 1 x Skin Rejuvenation Device
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Base
  • 1 x User Manual